Welcome to the career page of CHEOPS. On this page you can find anything you need to prepare you for your career! CHEOPS, Study Association of the Built Environment is the connecting link between the students and their potential field of employment.

We offer multiple career-orientation activities throughout the year. You can think of anything from lunchlectures and company-visits to study trips and symposia! On our Events page you can subscribe to upcoming activities of CHEOPS. On you can find what is on offer throughout the entire university. Make sure you visit some of these events, they will be worth your while!

You can also go to the Vacancies page to find out what is currently on offer. You can find internships, part-time and full-time jobs here. Can’t find what you desire? Contact us on and we’ll be glad to help you out.

For companies, go to the Cooperation page to find out what CHEOPS has to offer your company. You will be able to find our brochure, and if you are interested contact us on or +31 40 247 47 95.

Below you can find some of our highlighted partners.


In the current complex construction industry, in which a great diversity of specialists collaborate on the same project, ...

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Blitta Gevelsystemen

Wie is Blitta? Blitta zorgt al sinds 1874 voor toonaangevende gevelconstructies in utiliteits- en woningbouw. Dankzij onze kennis ...

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a.s.r. real estate

About us For more than 130 years, a.s.r. real estate has been investing in real estate on behalf ...

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We are KIVI (Royal Institute of Engineers), the professional association of engineers. We are proud to be the ...

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GevelAdvies Ingenieursbureau is assisting daily to create more sustainable buildings. We are doing this by offering high-quality service ...

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Do you want to make a difference? Then you have come to the right place at Sweco. Together ...

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YER is een internationaal recruitmentbureau dat talent verbindt met topbedrijven binnen branches als de IT, bouw, vastgoed, energie, ...

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A livable, accessible, and sustainable Netherlands: the question is not if we will get there, but rather how ...

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Fundex Piling Group

FUNDEX Piling Group, with its companies Funderingstechnieken Verstraeten BV and Fundex Materieel Dienst BV has a history of ...

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Atriensis projecten is a young and dynamic company. We support social housing associations with their challenges related to ...

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Design Express

At Design Express, we bridge the gap between our clients - designers in architecture, interior design, garden, landscape, ...

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