About us

CHEOPS, Study association of the Built Environment is the main study association of the department of the Built Environment. CHEOPS represents all the students of our department and protects the general interests of these students. CHEOPS is located in the bridge connecting Vertigo and the Zwarte Doos.


Becoming a member of CHEOPS is very easy and most importantly free of charge. As a member you can take part in a very of activities and enjoy discounts on books and magazines.
Furthermore CHEOPS guards the curriculum and provides test exams so you can practice before entering an exam.
Visit CHEOPS at Vertigo floor 1 for questions, activities, books and for a nice cup of coffee.

Opening hours

The CHEOPS bridge is open from Monday till Friday
from 9.00u – 17.00u
The counter at CHEOPS is open from Monday till Friday
from 12.30u – 17.00u

Vertigo 1.15
Den Dolech
5612 AZ

+31 (0)40 – 24 73 140
KVK: 40238573


Every year a new board starts at the beginning of the academic year.
This year the 37th board of CHEOPS consists of:

Chairman Wouter Kortleve chairman@cheops.cc
Secretary/Vice-Chairman Shanika Smeets secretary@cheops.cc
Treasurer Sofie van Stam treasurer@cheops.cc
Commissioner of Education Eline Karczewski education@cheops.cc
Commissioner of Professional Relations Libby Schuilenburg cvr@cheops.cc
Commissioner of Public Relations Jonar Nikkels pr@cheops.cc


Below you can find the 37th board’s policy. This policy is written in English. Next to this document you can find the internal rules of procedure. These bylaws are also written in Dutch.