Recorded Events

Welcome to the Audio & Visuals page of CHEOPS. On this page you can find all the audio & visuals made by the Media Committee for CHEOPS as well as for the sub associations and the faculty.  Furthermore, the annual photo contest is also shown on this page.

Exam trainings

On the January 29 of 2024, we organized a Exam Training for the course Dimensioning of Structures (7PPX0). Multiple tutors were there to help with the last checkup before the exam.

The documents that are discussed in the training can be found below.



On the January 23 of 2024, we organized a Exam Training for the course Statics of Structures (7S1B10/7P3X0). Multiple tutors were there to help with the last checkup before the exam.

Education table

On the 19th of January we hosted the Educational Table together with Jacob Voorthuis .This conversation had the goal of stimulating students to share their visions on what is important to them in our curriculum.


The company Geveladvies is going to give a lunchlecture about the Zalmhaventoren in Rotterdam, and specifically the façade of it. They will talk all about the logistics and physics that came with designing the façade. You can think of aspects such as sound requirements, construction strength and calculations, airtightness and watertightness but also the logisitics of the façade.

Presentatie GevelAdvies 2022 d.d. 8 februari 2022

This lunchlecture is given by the company Count & Cooper, which is a company that knows all about construction management. The lunchlecture will be about the technology to use for the management of a project. How can this technology help in the conversation between stakeholders considering there different roles in the project? If you are interested, you can pass by on the 14th of December in the Trappenzaal but be quick because we have limited places.

This lunchlecture is about working together on a sustainable design using Archicad teamwork and BIMcollab. They will show how this was done based on a design of a distribution centre on which modelchecking is done in Solibri and BIMcollab. So, this lunchlecture is all about how projects are done with the help of Archicad and durability in mind when it comes to materials.

RoosRos will show a series of realized school buildings which follows their new vision on healthy and future-orientated buildings.

Architects and building physicists spend much time designing buildings in such a way that not only a pleasant indoor climate is created, but also to meet increasingly complex building performance demands. The interaction between the user, the building, the building systems, and the environment is therefore becoming increasingly important.

During this lunch lecture, TNO will explain their research on mapping the user’s behavior, and compare this to the prediction in the model.

In this lecture Atriensis will talk about two of their projects. These projects have a very different approaches to the same challenge: the so-called ‘Energietransitie’ (energy transition). The first project is on district heating, a large-scale technique with very specific pros & cons. The second project (‘3iv’) is a search for a generic way of insulating buildings on a large(r) scale.

During the lunch break, Count & Cooper will explain about their work, and will give a look behind the scenes of their work!

One of the projects that will be discussed is De Entree; the renewal of the area in front of Amsterdam Central Station. With many busses, 1.300 trams, and over 300.00 cyclists, tourists and cars passing this area EVERY DAY, it is quite a challenge to manage the construction work in a way that yields the least disturbance. During the lecture, Count & Cooper will explain how they manage this incredibly complicated project!


During this small symposium, Rayaan Ajouz from Bouwen met Staal and Joey Janssen from Octatube will give a talk about their work with parametric design. Of course there is the possibility to ask questions, or to start a discussion: keep the conversation on parametric design going! This event is a collaboration between CHEOPS and KOers.

Een gezonde woningrenovatie gaat niet alleen om energie. Verduurzaming van woningen moet niet ten koste gaan van het binnenmilieu. Beter nog, de aanpassingen aan de woning bieden ook een uitgelezen kans om het binnenmilieu te verbeteren ten opzichte van wat het was. In dit symposium willen we hierop de aandacht vestigen. Dat doen we door alle (fysische) aspecten van het binnenmilieu de revue te laten passeren, maar ook de praktijkactiviteiten te laten zien. Als actuele uitsmijter kijken we ook naar het thuiswerken in deze COVID-19 tijd en hoe het binnenmilieu effect heeft op de mentale gezondheid. Dit zal worden gepresenteerd door Bouke Boegheim, de eerste winnaar van onze Studentbeurs.

Photo Contest

This year the media committee hosted the first ever photo contest. During this final the best pictures will be showcased, but most importantly the winners of the overall competition will be announced! Next year the photo competition will be back and we would gladly see all of you then!

Lustrum Symposium ReWired & Podcasts

Welcome to the first podcast in the ReWired series. This podcast is about Polar Architecture. You are listening to Philippe Samyn, Frederiek Prins and Wilke Schellens. Enjoy listening!

Welcome to the second podcast in the ReWired series. This podcast is about Building methods, Technologies and AI. You are listening to Paul Chan, Wilke Schellens, Floor de Jonge and Frederiek Prins. Enjoy listening!

Welcome to the third podcast in the ReWired series. This podcast is about Sense of Place. You are listening to Lindsay McCunn, Annemieke van Harten, Wilke Schellens and Frederiek Prins. Enjoy listening!

Welcome to the fourth podcast in the ReWired series. This podcast is about Renovation products in relation to sustainability. You are listening to Nadia van den Boogaard and Annemieke van Harten. Enjoy listening!

Welcome to the final podcast in the ReWired series. This podcast is about Polar architecture. You are listening to Hugh Broughton, Frederiek Prins and Wilke Schellens. Enjoy listening!

For the 7th lustrum of study association CHEOPS of the Built Environment Rewired is organized. Rewired is a week full of podcasts and a closing livestream. This livestream features Ren Yee of UNSense and Marco Vermeulen of Studio Marco Vermeulen.

7th Lustrum of CHEOPS

Check out the amazing official Lustrum Opening video! It was a lustrum to remember. Big thanks to everyone that was a participant and/or organized the activities!

It was in the beginning of november when the seventh Lustrum of CHEOPS started started. Despite the forever changing COVID-19 measurements and, the hard winds that blew away our pyramides, we had an amazing time and we hope you did too. Luckily, our amazing Media Committee created this awesome video for us so we can always relive the amazing moments we had during this Lustrum. Enjoy!