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Media Page/division

The main division of the website is renewed. The website now has a Media page. There is now ...

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UPDATE: Outside drinks!!

Dear beloved SkyBar!Underground visitors, As you might have heard already, we are allowed to host drinks again!! We ...

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GMM #3 (19-04): Agenda and info online!

Next monday, the GMM will take place. All relevant files and info can be found following on this ...

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Wellbeing page

HOW ARE YOU DOING?! We hope you are doing fine at home, but if that is not the ...

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CHEOPS is now cashless!

Welcome to the future: from now on, CHEOPS is all cashless! This means that as soon as we're ...

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Join a CHEOPS-committee!

From the first of February on, you will get another opportunity to join one of CHEOPS' amazing committees. ...

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