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SALES ARE CLOSED     It's time! The sale of the highly anticipated CHEOPS merchandise is now almost ...

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Event 12/5
Lunchlectures on YouTube

Every other tuesday CHEOPS organizes lunch lectures together with her partners. These lunch lectures are taking place in ...

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WANTED: Intro Parents 2022

WANTED: Introduction Parents 2022! SUBSCRIPTIONS CLOSED   Just like every Introduction, we need parents/buddies to guide the upcoming ...

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Event 21/4
Inhouse day at Heijmans

Are you curious about working at Heijmans? And do you want to know more about a traineeship? Subscribe ...

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This year, you can contribute to Plugged Festival in a very unique way, and also get some amazing ...

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Built Environment 31/3
The Built Environment Alumni Network is organising its first activity

On the 20th of April, the first activity of the Built Environment Alumni Network (BEAN) will take place! ...

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