The SkyBar! Underground is the bar of the Faculty of the Built Environment, located on the TU/e campus, Vertigo on floor -1 and -2. The bar is the ultimate place to meet with your fellow students while enjoying a drink (or maybe a tosti!) poured by CHEOPS’ own barcommittee. Every Thursday from 16:00 – 19:00 the bar will be opened.
Regularly the barcommittee organizes a theme drink and the bar will be decorated in this theme. For example: the Saint Nicholas Drink, the Pulluh Vulluh drink, the carnaval drink… You name it, we’ve got a drink for it.
Every week we give you the possibility to taste new flavours on your SkyBar-tosti, which you can taste for only €1,20! Don’t like it? We also have a basic ham/cheese-, hawai- and Italian tosti for €1,00.
Also every month a new beer will be introduced in the bar.
Come check it out!
In the Skybar!Underground there are 2 ways to pay; Since the re-opening after the lockdown, it is possible to pay with PIN. Of course there is still the infamous Skycard with which you place your order! (cash is not possible) With the Skycard you can keep track of your contribution to your own happiness and your dedication to the Skybar!Underground. There is a possibility that your dedication could spark the attention of the committee, often this happens when you have spend more that €1000,-. When this happens you will receive a GOLDEN SKYCARD, and a place on our Wall of Fame!!
If you want insight in your progress, click on the link for the Pubcard-system here: