New Website!

Dear visitor,

We are happy to announce that the new website has just been launched! With our new website come a range of new functionalities for you, the members, to make use of. First of all, the new website has been linked with our administration system Lassie, this gives you the opportunity to log on to the new website with your already existing Lassie account. When logging in on the website you will be directed to your personal overview page. Here you can find your personal information, but also which committees you are in or which events you will be attending in the upcoming period.

The new functionalities added to the website are specifically meant for you, the members. Therefore these functionalities are only accessible after you are logged on to the website.

This brings us to the first of the new functionalities. From now on there is the possibility to subscribe to CHEOPS’ events via the website. Under the ‘Events’ tab all the upcoming events organized by CHEOPS will be shown. If you are interested in attending one of the events you can click on the event and press ‘Register’. This way the board knows you will be attending. Furthermore, this event will also show on your personal page under ‘Events’.

From now on subscriptions for CHEOPS’ committees can also be done via the website. All of the different committees are shown on the Committee page. To get here go to ‘About us’ > ‘Committees’. When the committees are open for subscriptions you will have the option to subscribe for a committee to your liking. After the subscription period has ended, the members which got into the committees will also be shown on the relevant page.

CHEOPS has a couple of different forms for its members to use. These forms are the declaration form, the promotion form and the craft guild form. Up until now these were only accessible on the CHEOPS bridge. In addition to this, these forms can now also be filled in digitally on the website! The forms can be found under: ‘About us’ > ‘Committees’. A new education form for you to fill in has been added to the website as well! If you have any remarks or complaints regarding some of your courses, you can now immediately fill this in on the website. The form can be found on the ‘Education’ page under the ‘Wishes and Complaints’.

Promotional event!

To celebrate the launch of our new website an Easter egg hunt will be organized. Starting today at 20:00h, small pumpkins with the CHEOPS logo will  be hidden all over the website. The goal is to look around and find as many different pumpkins as possible. The persons who ends up closest to the exact amount will be rewarded with a nice prize! The hunt will end on Sunday the 25th of October at 22:00h, so send your guess before then to! The winners will be announced the day after. Good hunting!


Kind regards,

The 34th Board