Teacher of the Year

As a yearly tradition, we as students may show our appreciation to teachers by awarding them the title of Best Lecturer or Best Tutor of the Bachelor college or Graduate school. Vote on your favourite at the Trappenzaal until the 30th of may, and join us at the award ceremony at 15:15  just before Plugged!

These are this year's nominees:


Best Bachelor Tutor:

Aloys Borgers

Renato Kindt

Anouk Raaijmakers

Gabi Bertram

Dario Sposini


Best Bachelor Lecturer

Marielle Aarts

Emanuela Bosco

Astrid Kemperman

Florent Gauvin

Maarten Hornikx


Best Master Tutor

Helene Aarts

Twan van Hooff

Pieter Pauwels

Anne-Marie Peters van den Heuvel

Freek Bos


Best Master Lecturer

Herm Hofmeyer

Pauline van den Berg

Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek

Ekaterina Petrova

Roel Loonen

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Event details

Start date 09-06-2022
Start time 12:30:00
End time 17:00:00