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It's happening! In March 2025 we will be going on the first ever CHEOPS support trip! This trip includes one week of volunteering work and one week of exploring the culture of a foreign country. As a fun reminder of section association SUPport, which is no longer existing, it might be the last time this kind of trip is orginzed! This means it will be a special edition, and a final goodbye to the SUPport association. A special trip deserves a special destination! That is why we are going to the Philippines for a total of 2 weeks to discover their amazing culture. One week will be spent on building a house for a big family, and the other week will be spent discovering the beautiful country! If you are interested to join, please subscribe! Costs will be approximately €1300,- per participant. The participants will be drawn in April! We hope you will all join us there!

By filling in the following form you will be registered for the subscription list for the trip. Note that filling in this form does not guarantee a spot on the trip, if the number of subscriptions exceeds the maximum (25 spots) the 38th board of CHEOPS will organize a draw. The deadline for subscribing is the 26th of April 2024 (12:00). The same day you will receive all information about the subscriptions (draw or not, process, etc.) by email before 17:00.

Some important details to keep in mind BEFORE filling in the forms:

- The trip will take place in the second semester of the study year 2024-2025 (march). Please keep in mind you will have to be a student at the time of the trip.
- The trip will take place within the carnival holiday and the week after (within the period from the 1st till 16th of March) this means you will miss 1 week of lectures. CHEOPS will inform the faculty about the trip however you are responsible for your own communication with your course responsibles etc.
- You will have to have obtained your BSA at the moment of subscription, this is because CHEOPS has to know this before booking the tickets.

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