Lunch Lecture Movares: How to design multimodal HUBs?

How to design multimodal HUBs?

A journey into the historic and future developments


The cities we know are densifying and more and more people are opting for different means of transportation other than cars. As a result the demand for HUBs and high-quality, comfortable transportation facilities is growing. The change towards car-free and pedestrian-oriented city centres provides opportunities, but also means that the city infrastructure is changing with a introduction of a new typology; HUBs. Wat is a HUB and how to design a successful HUB. In this lecture we will talk about the role of HUB's in in the evolution of cities and mobility throughout time. Together we will address the timeline starting from the 19th century train stations until current day multimodal HUBs and beyond.

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Event details

Start date 14-02-2023
Start time 12:30:00
End time 13:30:00