Dura Vermeer Lunchlecture: Multidisciplinary design of Mass and Hybrid Timber constructions viewed from a developing contractor

How does a developing contractor deal with multidisciplinary topics within timber construction?

Multidisciplinary design of Mass Timber and Timber Hybride buidings in relation to other building concepts, design components and design principles.

Building in wood seems to be a simple construction method. However, there are many requirements in today's legislation and regulations, it is easy to take an overshoot of measures that make building in wood unaffordable. By cleverly dealing with the product properties of wood in combination with other building disciplines, a wooden building can still become achievable.

In this lecture we give a number of principles that increase the potential of designing in wood. We give examples of how it can be done smart and hope to inspire you to take one step more to make a wooden concept achievable.


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Event details

Start date 31-05-2022
Start time 12:40:00
End time 13:30:00