On the 17th of February the long-awaited Case day will happen. This afternoon 5 companies will come to the campus to go through a case with a group of interested students. There is a case for everyone! The cases are based on the tracks of our department which means there will be a BPS, SED, USRE, AUDE & CME case. These cases will be interesting if you already have some knowledge in one of these directions, so it is also interesting for master students.

The day will start with a nice lunch and introduction talk. After that we will start with the 5 cases of which you can choose 1. You then get around 2 to 2,5 hours to go into the case with the professionals of the company visiting us. After the case we would (if the restrictions allow it) like to have a nice drink to close the day together.

Bouwen met Staal will give the SED case, Deerns the BPS one, Atriensis the USRE case, RoosRos architecten the AUDE one and lastly Count and Cooper will do the CME case. More information about each case can be found underneath.

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SED case Bouwen met staal: 

In this case you will receive a set of second-hand steel structural elements. It might be from a bridge, a station or an industrial hall. With this limited set of elements, you will design a temporary pavilion for the Dutch Design Week. So, it’s also about designing for dis- and re-assembly! The perpetual re-use of structural elements has specific problems (and solutions!) which need to be addressed.  

BPS case Deerns: 

This case involves an existing sports center which needs to be upgraded and expanded. The renovation focuses on the chance of improving the acoustics, light, thermal comfort, etc. Some rooms have special functions involving music. On top of this, the municipality wants the sports center to become more sustainable and to improve the facilities.  

USRE case Atriensis:

This case involves two projects of Atriensis. Project 1 is about an existing building complex consisting of single family homes. For this project Atriensis made an improvement plan in which you will need to come up with measures to get all houses from quitting the use of gas before 2050 while keeping all aspects in mind such as costs and inhabitants. Project 2 is about the Korvse Hofjes which is a cluster of building complexes. For this project there is no improvement plan yetThis needs to be made by youThings to consider for this are the complexity of the buildingsthe neighbourhood, etc. Themes such as water nuisance, heat stress, noise nuisanceetc also need to be thought of.  

AUDE case RoosRos Architecten: 

In the architectural world many companies often compete for a project by designing their vision for a building. In this case you will learn how to make a design that has potential to win a contest. What are the decisive and striking elements of a concept which makes it win? The case will resemble a real design contest, which means you will need to work with certain requirements and present the design you made.  

CME case Count&Cooper:

A team from Count & Cooper has been working on this tender for a year in which they analysed the project thoroughly and made a plan which made the wishes of the client possible considering the needed building process and time. You will learn how to do this yourself considering this interesting project. At the end you will know how to crack the code. 

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Start date 17-02-2022
Start time 13:00:00
End time 17:00:00