Blitta Bar Lecture – Provincie Huis Antwerp

Complex façade design & engineering – Provinciehuis Antwerpen

Want to have a nice drink (free) in the SkyBar!Underground and enjoy a good and interesting lecture, join the Bar lecture by Blitta!

What is the connection between a Flemish fries bag and a complex façade project?

Find it out at our Bar lecture on the 21th of June!

In our lecture we will take you on the journey we made to tackle the challenges we faced for the complex façade project “Provinciehuis Antwerpen”. What is the best way to approach such a complex project?

-Building Methodology

-Prefab approach for facade engineering and construction

-Testing permeabilities air & water

-Onsite mock up

-Onsite acoustic testing

There are limited spots so be quick

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Event details

(Start)date 21-06-2022
(Start)time 17:00:00
Enddate 19:00:00


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