ArchitectDirect is searching for new colleagues


Hey (almost) architecture graduate!

There you are. Graduated through a teams-meeting and if you were one of the lucky ones, you got to graduate in ‘real-life’. Maybe even without an audience and a temperate party.

Now, on the hunt for experience (and maybe an architectural title). Hunting for fun, like-mindedness, inspiration and showing yourself. And above all, looking for a job that will make an impact on your own future and that of your children. (If not, still read on because we also believe in convincing each other of something new)

We are ArchitectDirect and we are looking for new colleagues/friends who will fit in with us and preferably strengthen our culture with pride :). A culture described by our team as:

  • Flexible
  • Enthusiastic
  • Just do it!

We like to help people who wants to renovate their homes and can use reinfocements on it. So, for this job we need new colleagues! And that’s why we’re looking for people like you. Whitout experience? Yes really! Without experience but with a massive amount of enthusiasm! In a team where you can rock your own projects from start to finish (the permit). And what do you get paid for this? Well, we would be happy to discuss this with you. But you definitely get Revit skills to the max anyway!

So, no risks of a bore-out and new projects every week. Is this something for you? Send us a message ( and check our website ( where you can see your new colleagues. Or follow us on Instagram! To get a glimpse of our atmosphere you can watch this video