Quartile 4

Bachelor End Project BPS


The BEP has a clear studyguide, it contains all the necessary information and there is a planning present as well. The course itself received a lot of positive comments because it was a real project and students were learning from each other as well.


The structure of the project was not always clear. In the first three weeks, students did not know what to do and something else was expected every week. H. Schellen explained that this was due to the fact that the project changed last minute and that they had to improvise a bit and find the right way to organize the project. Students were happy with the change into a real project and that they were having a real problem that needed to be solved, but the communication could have been better. Nevertheless, when starting to work with the supervisors, the project became more clear and students enjoyed the course.


For the delivery of the report, it was mentioned quite late that the report had to be one big document with all the individual parts combined. This was something that students did not know beforehand and due to this, it became a bit a rush to make it. However, the students managed to make a nice group report. H. Schellen mentioned that he does not prefer to have a group project because everyone would pass, or everyone would fail for their end project. However, making all the same project would be very inefficient and students would not learn from each other. The project is now divided into separate parts, everyone focusses on a topic and finally all the topics become one report. Since there was a real problem, this collaborative report was also more efficient as an end product. For the delivery, all students had to mentioned very specific which part was made by them.

Bachelor End Project USRE


Course setup was pleasant, students found that the structure of the project was logical. Most students did not find it unpleasant that the project shifted from group work to individual over the weeks.


The content of the BEP was experienced as interesting by most students. Not all parts of the assignment were always clear to everyone, this could be improved. Many students experienced a lack of knowledge about regression analysis, not clearly explained in research & statistics, although this was part of the course research & statistics.
The tutor sessions were good, the teachers were helpful to students and students did not struggle with their project because of issues during tutor sessions. Especially tutoring from Peter van der Waerden was found to be very good. The other tutors did have less input during sessions, but their feedback was valuable to most students.


There was a midterm without grading. Although, students did find the midterm session useful, as it gave clear insight into how much progress students had made over the first weeks.


There were no complaints about the workload, it was well divided over the two quartiles. For some, the workload could have been higher in their opinion, since it is still your BEP and it gives some satisfaction to complete your end project that was challenging for you. Increasing workload for next year is maybe not the best option, only a few students mentioned it. Therefore it is smarter to wait for the results of the questionnaire.


The BEP has a clear study guide. It contains all the necessary information such as the study materials and the learning objectives. Also, a detailed explanation of the project is given.


Students liked the planning at the beginning of the course. Everyone finished their work and the amount of time for feedback was enough. Also, the meetings were never taking much longer as planned in the schedule which was really nice. Students think that they spent less time compared to the planned hours for the course. Also, they experience the project as a project you can make as difficult as you want. You can make it easy but then the mark will not be that high, however, if you challenge yourself and make it more difficult, the mark could be higher. Students liked this since you can stay at the required level of the project, but it is also possible to do a bit extra if you want a more challenging project.

The project was experienced as really nice, there were no problems or big remarks for the course.

Bachelor End Project AUDE-A


There were not many problems with executing the project, although it was at home. Sometimes, it was hard to stay motivated of course, but that was not because of the course

Great collaboration of lecturers they were in one line with the final presentation, this resulted in an average same level of outputs of the students.


Lecturers who really knew what to say; they added a useful value to the project. Furthermore, they really stimulated the students to go ahead with the project. Also, Lecturers came with interesting references which helped you through the project. The tutoring was really structured which helped a lot. There was also written feedback, which was also very helpful.


The available presentation time was not in line with the time that was spent on the project. For a lot of courses of one quarter, we get already like 10 min. So a minimum 10 minutes presentation time would have been better. A lot of students went over the 6 minutes, and we really had to scrap elements of the most relevant info.