Count & Cooper

Make it count!

Count & Cooper is a project management company that has the ambition to change the construction sector by boosting the productivity. We do this by making an impact during the tendering and the execution phase of large projects.

The construction sector is becoming increasingly large and complex, more disciplines are needed for one project. Count & Cooper ensures to accomplish this challenging task effectively and efficiently. Therefore we use the latest technology such as virtual reality and 4D schedules. Our digital project management team is continually working on combining digital information in order to control projects.

We make sure that we have a winning offer in tenders by capturing the plan in a most economically advantageous tender (EMVI). During the execution we provide the project control.

An example of a project that has been executed that way is the Entree Amsterdam. The station area of Amsterdam Central station will undergo a metamorphosis within five years. After we have won the tender together with the contractor Max Bögl, we have continued the collaboration in the execution of the project. The functions that we fulfil, among others, are project management, process management, interface coordination, planning and quality management.

Our team consists of a group of young, ambitious and enthusiastic people who want to make an impact. In our company, no one will work alone on a project. We believe in the power of teamwork, where you can learn from each other. Working together as a team to deliver a successful project, that is what we are striving for. These successes will always be celebrated together.

Count & Cooper pays much attention to the personal development of its employees. As a graduate you will go through a two-year programme where you will develop both soft skills and hard skills.

We are fast growing company and we are always looking for talented people. Are you (almost) graduate and would you like to play a pivotal role in complex projects? Contact us and be welcome for an introduction meeting!