Construction University

The construction industry is changing rapidly. Only together we can manage and adapt to these changes successfully. From our homebase Building Heroes we unite organizations and professionals by building sustainable and mututal relationships. By entering sincere discussions with clients and candidates we reach out to opportunities in the job market, innovative ways of talent development and new forms of collaboration. In everything we do we aspire to take the sector to a higher level, together.


Helping young professionals, mediors and seniors to reach their full potential is one of our main goals. Every day we seek new opportunities to keep the sector attractive for young professionals and to stimulate new talent. Therefore we founded the Construction University: the development program for young professionals working in construction, infrastructure, real estate and housing corporation. During two- or three-years trainees develop softs skills and professional knowledge, based on their personal ambitions. We offer diverse and innovative trainings by our partner Brickton and provide diverse jobs within our network of leading clients.  With their fulltime work experience and unique learning paths, young professionals grow into future professionals and kickstart their career.

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