Join BouwQ in taking on the challenge! Are you looking for a varied and challenging job in which you can not only develop yourself but also contribute to the improvement of quality and safety in the construction industry? BouwQ offers various possibilities for this with internships, work/study positions and vacancies.

Building is a complex process with a high risk of failures. Due to the introduction of the new Quality Assurance law for Building in the Netherlands, it will become even more important in the coming years to prevent any possible construction failures. This new law states that a building cannot be put into use without a statement from an independent quality assurance provider, such as BouwQ, that the structure complies with all legal and contractual requirements. Another important change due to this new law is the fact that contractors remain responsible for construction failures for many years after completion of the building.

BouwQ has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the risks and failures that can occur when designing and realizing all types of structures, such as homes, non-residential constructions and infrastructures. Therefore, construction companies use the expertise of BouwQ to prevent failures. Customers and owners of construction works draw confidence and peace of mind from the independent checks and assessments carried out by BouwQ. By working closely with all parties involved, we are working towards a common goal: high-quality and safe building projects.

The experiences of five Master’s students and young graduates of the Structural Design programs at Eindhoven University of Technology show that working at a building inspection agency can be very exciting and versatile. Read more about these experiences and the possibilities at BouwQ at . Or just reach out to us via to find out which opportunities BouwQ has to offer for you.