UPDATE: Outside drinks!!

Dear beloved SkyBar!Underground visitors,

As you might have heard already, we are allowed to host drinks again!!

We have multiple days on which we host them. Each drink will be from 15.00 until 18.00 and we will serve beer from 16.00. At each drink 50 people are allowed to take seat, so be fast!! You can subscribe for each drink individually via the following link:


The day before each drink we will let you know whether we have a spot for you at our drink!! Note that we want to give everyone the opportunity to come to the drinks, so if you subscribe to all the drinks, you have a higher chance to be drafted out. We also keep track of who does or doesn’t come to the drinks, so if you have subscribed but don’t show up, you will not have a spot the following drink. So just make sure to unsubscribe if you are not available to join anymore. 🙂