The Photohunt

The Photohunt is back!
On the 10th of March, we will have a Photohunt again! This is a day full of fun, traveling with friends and hopefully winning the price at the end. The Photohunt is a contest in which groups will search for the buildings given by the committee throughout the Netherlands. In the beginning of the day you will be shown all the buildings with a little bit of information, after which it is up to you to find the buildings and take pictures with it.
Entry price is 5 euros per person and you can subscribe in groups of max. 6 people. You can subscribe here:
You can subscribe until 06-03-2023, after which the form will be closed. Only one person from each group has to fill out this form, signing up the whole group.

Subscribe and see you at the Photohunt!
xxx CHEOPS Activity Committee

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Event details

Start date 10-03-2023
Start time 10:00:00
End time 18:00:00