On the 4th of October, the National Steel Construction Day will take place at the AFAS Theater in Leusden. Together with KOers we will visit this day and you can join us!

The day starts with a lunch, followed by an opening word held by Bouwen Met Staal. After that, there will be short lectures given by relevant companies such as Pieters Bouwtechniek and Octatube. Students that join also are invited to join a tour through the AFAS building, that has been developed recently. During the day, the awards for the Student Steel Prize and National Steel Prize will be handed out. To close off the day, there will be a drink!

We will travel by train towards the location, so make sure that you have an OV!

Note: The National Steel Construction Day is in Dutch! If you want to join the program in English, please contact us!

PS: fill in this form so the company can create a QR code for you that you will need during the excursion
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Event details

Start date 04-10-2022
Start time 00:00:00