RoosRos excursion to Rodenborch College

RoosRos invites you to participate in a real design competition with us at the recently completed Rodenborch College

11:00-12:00 tour in and around the Rodenborch College

12:00-12:30 Presentation architect Nathalie Rabouille

13:00-16:00 Competition educational building design

Next to a tour in one of our newest educational buildings, Architect Nathalie Rabouille will give you an insight into RoosRos’ strategics to win its competitions, and you'll get to participate in one yourself! By winning the Rodenborch College we got to design its building for the past couple of years: a school for 2.300 students with two sports halls. Because of its big program, we especially paid much attention to the human scale of this building and how it would be perceived by its young users. This has resulted in the three-wing spatial design surrounding a central heart with staggered floors, connecting all levels of the building without making it too overwhelming. Light, natural materials and plants-filled balustrades dominate this space. This past September the Rodenborch College opened its doors for its students and now they welcome you visit it too! After the tour we will dive into the world of educational building tender strategics and we will work on one together.

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Event details

Start date 01-12-2022
Start time 10:00:00
End time 09:00:00