Pulluh Vulluh

Pulluh Vulluh

M’Ladies and Gentleman, it’s THAT time of the year again!!! Time for the infamous Pulluh Vulluh organized by the wonderful SkyBar!Underground committee. This year we have made for you, A NEW LIMITED EDITION PUL!!!! The pul obviously coincides with the theme of this year…… WILD WEST🏜️!! Yeehaww!! The bar will be transferred to an actual saloon where the good ol’ fashioned showdowns will take place. So make sure that you bring you Lucky Luke A-game, cause you are going to need it. 🔫🍻
Some handy information; you can get your limited edition pul for just €9,50 a piece!!!! 😱 You get it filled and then it just costs €0,90 for a refill. So make sure to get your money’s worth!!! Ohw and one last thing, when you hear the calvary 🎺, you better finish your drink, otherwise the Indians will come and get you.
Alright Howdy partner, see you when the sun is at its highest point, 6 sunrises from now!!🦬

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Event details

(Start)date 31-03-2022
(Start)time 16:00:00
Enddate 19:00:00


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