Powerhouse Lunchlecture: Reviving a Brutalist Beast

Powerhouse Lunchlecture: Reviving a Brutalist Beast

How did Powerhouse Company transform the Brutalist student center known as 'De Bunker' into a vibrant multi-use development? Join Partner Architect Paul Stavert on September 20 in a lecture about Maaskant's icon and Powerhouse Company's approach to analyzing his design language to revive the building's original glamour and propel it into the 21st century while conserving its Brutalist architectural elements.

In 2015, a competition was held to find a suitable redevelopment plan for De Bunker, the former student center of Eindhoven University of Technology. Powerhouse Company came up with a vision for a vibrant multi-use development by renovating the Bunker's existing structure and adding a striking new residential tower. The key to the project was transforming the post-war monument with a unified, layered design that celebrates the spirit of the building, originally designed by leading postwar Dutch architect Hugh Maaskant.


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Event details

Start date 20-09-2022
Start time 12:40:00
End time 13:30:00