Photo Contest

The photo contest is back! 📸 Grab your camera, go explore the city and take the best pictures you have ever made! We all study in Eindhoven and spend most of our student time here, but each of us experience Eindhoven in a different way. While one has joined multiple associations, the other can be found every Thursday in the Skybar!Underground.

Therefore, the theme of this year’s photo contest is ‘Eindhoven: How do you experience the city?’

This year you will have 3 weeks to take your best pictures. You will have to take 3 photos within the main theme. Each photo will have a different subtheme and different requirements. The best photos will be chosen by our committee and by a public vote in the SkyBar!Underground. The photos of the winner will be exhibited in the Trappenzaal and will be placed in the Chepos. Besides you will get a very nice prize!


Start of the contest: February 15

End: March 8

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Event details

(Start)date 15-02-2023
(Start)time 00:00:00
Enddate 08-03-2023


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