Photo Contest

Photo Contest

After the third exam week, we will start the new quartile with the yearly photo contest organized by the media committee of Cheops. This year the theme is back to normal. After two years of living and studying with corona, we can finally go back to normal. But the way we look at other people and our surroundings might have changed. We want to challenge the participants to think about how our freedom returns to us and how to capture it. Since this can be interpreted in multiple ways, the theme is divided into three subthemes. Participants have to submit pictures matching the weekly subthemes. At the end of the contest the winning photos will be exhibited in the Trappenzaal.


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Event details

(Start)date 25-04-2022
(Start)time 12:00:00
Enddate 13-05-2022
Enddate 12:00:00


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