Nothing but the 00’s Minigame Week

We will drop it like it's hot! Are you looking for a week full of fun activities and challenges, connecting with your fellow students, and just having a good time? The Mini-Game Week will be the perfect match for you! With fun quizzes, an amazing theme "NOTHING BUT THE 00's" and nice challenges you get a little break from the ‘differently normal’ life. All activities are online and everybody is welcome! If you became enthusiastic to join us on 8 to 12 March.
The first day of the minigame week is all in the theme of the 00's. We will be starting with a quiz which you can fill in on your own time but within a time limit.
Tuesday & Wednesday:
On the second and third day of the minigame week, you will get the mission to construct your own building!
On this day we will get creative and you will design your own Spongebob!
Unfortunately, this will be the end of the mini-game week. We will close this week of festivities with a pub quiz and a nice come together on Discord. Don’t forget your drink, we will toast at the end!
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See you then! Bye bye bye
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Event details

Start date 08-03-2021
Start time 00:00:00
End date 12-03-2021