Long-term policy evaluation session

All members of CHEOPS are invited to join during the long-term policy evaluation session. During this session we will evaluate the long-term vision and strategy of CHEOPS. This will be done with the help of 5 targets as established in 2017 and evaluated every 3 years after. The sub-targets are divided in 5 categories:

c. Community
e. Education
f. Fame
i. Internal
p. Professional & Network

During this session we will also discuss feedback as gained in the survey. The survey will goes through each of the five categories, in which all targets are evaluated with the help of several questions. You can find the survey via this link.

With the information gained by the survey and the evaluation session we can work more specifically on the targets that have not been reached yet, and are lacking progress. If necessary the targets can be updated to be more relevant for the future. The evaluation will help CHEOPS to become a better association for the future, so your help is much appreciated! Snacks will be provided.

If you want to join this session please sign up on this page.

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Event details

Start date 04-07-2023
Start time 14:00:00
End time 14:00:00