KUBUS case: Transformation of former PHILIPS Power Station

About the case

The case will take place in Zwarte Doos 1.03

We will start the afternoon with lunch. In the meantime our BIM-expert will explain a couple of Archicad functionalities like the Renovation Tool, Rendering and more.

In this Archicad Case, you will make a design for the transformation of the former PHILIPS Power Station, located on Strijp-S. The old factory interior will be demolished and replaced by student housing. From us, you receive an Archicad 3D model of the building, in which you will incorporate the new design. This will be done in groups, and for that, we use ‘Archicad Teamwork’ (you will get this functionality from us).

In addition to learning new Archicad functionalities, you also practice approaching a transformation case, a hot topic nowadays! And you learn how to present a design using BIMx.




13:00-13:45                       Introduction to the case + Lunch

13:45-15:45                       Working on case in groups

15:45:16:30                       Presentations and Winner announcement

The prices

For all the participants                   BIMx VR glasses

For the winning group                    A coupon for 5 pizza’s!

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Event details

Start date 25-05-2023
Start time 13:00:00
End time 12:00:00