How to GMM?

Several times a year, the board of CHEOPS organizes a General Members Meeting. During these meetings they give an update on the current state of affairs within the association, but more importantly YOU, the members of CHEOPS, have a say in anything surrounding our association.

On this page you can find the booklet that was send beforehand, as well as all minutes and a summary of those minutes of all GMM’s from the 36th board on.

If you have any suggestion, send a mail to, come by at the CHEOPS-bridge or even better: attend one of the GMMs!

If you don’t really know what a General Members Meeting is and you want to find out, come to the How To GMM!

Location> Zwarte doos 2.03

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Event details

(Start)date 31-03-2022
(Start)time 12:40:00
Enddate 13:30:00


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