Excursion Blitta: Berghaus Plaza

Visit Building site Berghaus Plaza Amsterdam!

Join us for an exciting excursion to the construction site of Berghaus Plaza, together with our main partner Blitta. Experience firsthand the beginnings of this exciting development situated in the heart of Amsterdam's Fashion District.

Berghaus Plaza embodies the innovative concept offering a unique destination where modern lifestyles converge. Seamlessly integrating office, residential, and retail spaces, the development caters to the diverse needs of today's urban dwellers.

Rooted in the heritage of its historic surroundings, Berghaus Plaza emerges as a dynamic office hub, fostering the growth of thriving businesses. Berghaus offers unparalleled accessibility, reflecting its status as a premier office destination in Amsterdam.

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Arrival                                                                9:00 AM

Short presentation of Berghaus Plaza          9:30 AM

Building site tour                                           10:00 AM

End of the tour                                                12:00 PM

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Event details

Start date 13-03-2024
Start time 09:00:00
End time 12:00:00