Education Morning

The education morning will take place on the 27th of June in the Filmzaal in the Zwarte Doos. During this morning the new curriculum for upcoming years will be discussed. Also the first view on the new beApp will be shown. You as a student will get the oppurtunity to ask questions about anything regarding these things or express any concerns to the teachers. So if you are interested in what the Bachelor Built Environment will look like upcoming years or want to give any input, make sure to be there!!

Program Educationday june 27 (9-13 hr) Filmzaal Zwarte Doos 

Introduction Theo Salet
Moderator - Jacob Voorthuis
          intent of curriculum the story

Presentation 1st year curriculum and progress

  • Presentation communication to prospective students – Heike Manders of Angelique Kanters
  • Presentation progress on courses first year – Jacob Voorthuis​

Break (20 min)

  • Presentation progress made on filling the beApp - Andrea Ruiter Montoya, Jurian Weitz
  • Presentation on progress collecting use cases curriculum mapping – Yulia Dragan 

Year 2 & 3 curriculum basics 

  • Overview of the curriculum -  Jacob Voorthuis
  • 4 units representatives present their tracks:
    • SURE - Aloys Borgers
    • SED - Bert Snijder
    • BPS – Twan van Hoof
    • AUDE – Wouter Hilhorst
  • What would a digger do, What would a binder do? -  Jacob Voorthuis

Overview of the curriculum and timeline  - Jacob Voorthuis

Wrap up - feedback

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Event details

Start date 27-06-2023
Start time 09:00:00
End time 13:00:00