Draaijer + Partners case: Renovation of a school

Draaijer + Partners case

A secondary school  is located in the heart of a monumental city district and housed in a monumental school building, dated from 1936. The school board has the ambition to renovate the building and make it more suitable to both the educational vision and the number of students. Together we will look at the (im)possibilities, opportunities and challenges to proceed to renovation of this monumental building.

+ Does the educational vision fit in this existing school building?

+ What ideas do you have? A possible expansion of the building is only possible if both the Monument Preservation and the neighbors consent.

+ Which parties are involved in such a project?

+ How do you ensure that all parties remain involved?

In this case study, we not only want to look at the possibilities of renovating the school building, but also at the process; who is involved, what is their role and what are the challenges?

Location: atlas 6.208

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Event details

Start date 24-05-2022
Start time 14:00:00
End time 16:00:00