Draaijer & Partners Lunchlecture: Circular project approach

Draaijer & Parnters Lunchlecture

Circularity and sustainability have a huge impact on the built environment. It is therefore a reasonable to start thinking what you are going to do with this during your job later in life. Which processes will be changed and to what extend? Draaijer & Partners will talk about there way to deal with circularity during there project approach. An approach which aimed to gain focus and result in the field of circularity and sustainability. You can think of healthy environments, material passports and renewable energy. The knowledge to do so is there, however it is not used enough in practice yet. Interested? Come pass by on the 15th of March in the Trappenzaal Vertigo during the break and enjoy a free lunch!

If you have any questions, feel free to email cvr@cheops.cc

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Event details

Start date 15-03-2022
Start time 12:40:00
End time 13:30:00