Donor Structure case Bouwen met Staal

Donor Structure case Bouwen met Staal

In this case you will receive a set of second-hand structural elements from an industrial hall. With this limited set of elements, you will design in a group of 3 a temporary pavilion for the Dutch Design Week. Experienced professionals (from Bouwen met Staal, IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs and SNS) guide you through the logical steps of structural designing with a donor structure. After an introductory pitch with appealing circular projects, the participants are given the tasks of working in groups on the pavillion. At the end of the day, the participants will present their designs in short pitches to a jury of experts.

Bonus points can be won if the design groups have ideas how to make the temporary pavilion detachable and reusable again after the foreseen service life.

Location: Atlas 10.330

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Event details

Start date 04-05-2022
Start time 13:00:00
End time 17:00:00