Donna Strijp-S Geveladvies Excursion

Donna Strijp-S Geveladvies Excursion

On the 17th of June we will go to the building Donna on Strijp S with Geveladvies. We will get a tour on site in which we will learn all about the building and mainly the facade. Geveladvies will tell all about their facade expertise and the practical approach needed for the facade.  Geveladvies has been involved in the assembly checks of the facades in which they look at the seals of the facade and structural elements. Feel free to join us, however be quick there are limited spots.

Deadline to sign up is 7th of June.

Do you want to see and know more of the building, go to:



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Event details

Start date 17-06-2022
Start time 09:30:00
End time 12:30:00