Count & Cooper: Project visit “Kademakers”: Renewal of quay walls in Amsterdam

Project visit “Kademakers”: Renewal of quay walls in Amsterdam

On the 28th of September, Count & Cooper organises a project visit to the project “Kademakers”. The municipality of Amsterdam faces a gigantic task in the coming decades, because 200 km of the 600 km quay wall needs to be replaced! The quay walls of the Amsterdam canals are in bad condition, a number of quay walls have even collapsed (fortunately without major consequences). Together with the structural hydraulic engineering party Beens Group, Count & Cooper is realizing the quay renewal of the Herengracht, Geldersekade and Kostverlorenkade, among others. To know how it feels to work in a project like this we will start with a project tour, where you can see the works and meet our colleagues. After this tour you will work on a case to give you insights in how it is to work in a project, and what is needed to undertake it. Afterwards, the afternoon will conclude with a drink, where you will have the possibility to get to know our company and colleagues better!


13:00 Projectintroduction + tour

14:30 Start presentation C&C

15:00 Start Case

16:15/16:30 Start drink

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Event details

Start date 28-09-2022
Start time 10:00:00