City Manifest Kick-Off event EHVXL – Dutch Design week 2023

The Brainport capital, the city of Philips and PSV? What is Eindhoven really?

Eindhoven and its region are under development. This is in line with a global trend; by 2050, as many as two-thirds of earthlings will live in the city. But what exactly is a city? What are its main characteristics?

Eindhoven wants to move forward and looks to the future. Many innovative and progressive developments nevertheless encounter objections in the Eindhoven community. By getting to know the current identity of the city, a look can be cast on a future of the city that embraces progress and takes into account that current identity.

In order to visualize the identity of today, we invite 232 Eindhoven residents to share their vision of the city of Eindhoven. That means: from each of the 116 neighborhoods in Eindhoven 2 representatives, whom we personally guide to contribute to an exhibition piece that will be exhibited at the Dutch Design 2023 week.

The start of the project at the Dutch Design Week 2022 consists of a kick-off symposium in which the present will be compared to the future. Experts and the audience enter into a creative and interactive dialogue about how the people of Eindhoven do their shopping now and in the future. A first acquaintance within the project between the current Eindhoven and our future. In addition, the project will be presented to the audience.

Keep in mind that a part of the program will be in Dutch and a part in English! The location is very close to Vertigo, namely the Filmzaal in the Zwarte Doos. The event will take place from 19:00-21:00. If you would like to join this symposium, be sure to subscribe quickly via the following link since there are only 100 spots available!

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Event details

Start date 27-10-2022
Start time 19:00:00
End time 21:00:00