Carnaval Drink

Carnaval Drink

Hold tight, ‘cause the most legendary period of the year is about to begin!!! Carnaval 2022, here we coooome! There are no restrictions in amount of people anymore and we are allowed to stand again (small victory dance, woepwoep). Let’s make it the most epic carnaval drink ever; after all, we have quite the catching up to do… There will be worstenbroodjes, Flugels and beer galore! And carnaval would not be carnaval if not everyone dresses up in their most ridiculous outfit; we will pick a winner for ‘best dressed’, so go all out! So see you, crazy party people, there!!!

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Event details

(Start)date 24-02-2022
(Start)time 16:00:00
Enddate 19:00:00


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