Bunkertoren excursion

Bunkertoren excursion

The Bunker is a well-known place in Eindhoven. Back in the days, students from our university went to enjoy their student life there. Now this iconic place has been renovated and transformed by Van Wijnen into a beautiful addition to the skyline of Eindhoven. The Bunkertoren is a residential tower with a nice architectural design based on the idea of a transparent open building. We get to visit this interesting building while its still in construction on the 8th of October with a group op students. There is also a workshop about innovation during this activity. If you want to join you can subscribe on this website. The subscription will close on the 5th of October at 16:00.

IMPORTANT: You need a corona check QR code and an ID. This is needed to be able to visit the building site of Van Wijnen.

IMPORTANT: If you have safety shoes, please bring them with you since they are needed on the building site. If you do not have them, we will have a pair of shoes for you to borrow. However it would be nice if people can bring them if they have them at home.

If you have questions or trouble signing up, please email cvr@cheops.cc

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Event details

(Start)date 08-10-2021
(Start)time 09:00:00
Enddate 12:30:00


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