Architectural Detailing Workshop

Architectural Detailing Workshop

Coming up with concepts and developing them into architectural design is your profession. Do you also consider it important to think about materialization, execution and the built end result? Then join this workshop about architectural detailing for circularity. In this workshop you will practice designing, testing and adapting an architectural detail. As an architectural designer, you will be able to develop a detail that meets the architectural, building physics and aesthetic requirements.

Experienced professionals from Octatube and Mei Architects guide you through the logical steps of architectural detailing. After introductory presentations by architects and building technologists, the participants are given the task of working out an architectural detail in groups. An additional condition is that the connecting elements are detachable and reusable, so that they are suitable for circular construction. The professionals will help you out and provide feedback at the end.


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Event details

Start date 17-03-2022
Start time 14:00:00
End time 17:00:00