Archicad Advanced workshop and Q&A

Archicad Advanced workshop and Q&A

This workshop is organized by Kubus and will be all about learning how to use Archicad. The advanced workshop is for anyone who is familiar with the software and wants to learn more. There will also be a Q&A part in the workshop. If you have questions in advance they can be send in, this can be done to this email: . During Besides this, you will get a free pizza so there is no good reason not to join.

It will be starting at 18.30 and it will be online.

IMPORTANT: to subscribe for this workshop you need to follow this link: , the subscriptions through the CHEOPS website are not valid.

Here is also the link of previous year’s session:

If you have questions or trouble signing up, please email

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Event details

(Start)date 06-10-2021
(Start)time 18:30:00


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