Education table

On the 19th of January, we hosted the Educational Table together with Jacob Voorthuis .This conversation had the goal of stimulating students to share their visions on what is important to them in our curriculum.

Why the need for such a discussion now though?

Well, this is because in 2023 a new Bachelor curriculum will be put in place. At a university wide scale this process is called the Bachelor Revision. One of the changes, a rather radical one that caused the whole process to be delayed by another year, is the change to increase the major from 95 ECTS to 125 ECTS, and include Calculus, Applied Physics and Data Analytics into it. The way this space was made was by moving the USE learning lines to the electives and by keeping a USE Ethics course in year one and introducing a USE advance course in year 3. The revision all in all is a moment to freshen up the relationships between departments and to re-evaluate the our education at the Built Environment.

Within our department, the Bachelor Revamp group consisting this year of Jacob Voorthuis, Caitlin Aalders, Pauline van den Berg, Florent Gauvin, Manon Grond, Faas Moonen, Jolien Strous and Maarten Wilms, is now looking at how to fill in this extra space. Next to this, the group must also think of how the new Bachelor curriculum will relate to the Faculty Strategy of 2030 where the most important aspect of it is how urgent societal issues will be adapted as flagship themes in our research and education. 


The process does not finish today, so invite all of you, urgently, to participate in the redesign of our curriculum. Only if we work together can we be sure that we do things right. 


More information and contact

Did you miss the discussion? the recording of the livestream can be found on Youtube

The opinions shared will be inputted into discussions about the Bachelor Revision of 2023. So are you interested in what is concretely done with this input, or would you like to exchange more thoughts, email Caitlin ( Possibilities for a follow up activity is already being looked into. Want to know more? Then also keep an eye out for the upcoming Chepos!